Counter: MEM_LIVE

Rank % total CountsCallsPaths Symbol name
to / from
Totalto / from
Total Including
child / parent
0.20 386,344411,7862,4153,02011 G4Polycone::G4Polycone(G4String const&, double, double, int, double const*, double const*, double const*)
[184] 0.20 241,504144,8401,3102,41511 G4Polycone::Create(double, double, G4ReduciblePolygon*)
0.05 104,328104,3281,0411,04111 G4PolyconeSide::G4PolyconeSide(G4PolyconeSideRZ const*, G4PolyconeSideRZ const*, G4PolyconeSideRZ const*, G4PolyconeSideRZ const*, double, double, bool, bool)
0.02 40,512165,4406436012 G4PolyPhiFace::G4PolyPhiFace(G4ReduciblePolygon const*, double, double, double)
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