Counter: MEM_MAX

Rank % total CountsCallsPaths Symbol name
to / from
Totalto / from
Total Including
child / parent
0.00 248464615611 G4BaryonConstructor::ConstructBottomBaryons()
[1628] 0.00 248961611 G4OmegabMinus::Definition()
0.00 96338,6003900,45511,102 std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >::basic_string(char const*, std::allocator<char> const&)
0.00 481,04021,2481114 G4ParticleDefinition::G4ParticleDefinition(G4String const&, double, double, double, int, int, int, int, int, int, G4String const&, int, int, int, bool, double, G4DecayTable*, bool, G4String const&, int, double)
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