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Totalto / from
Total Including
child / parent
100.00 5045044411 G4ChipsNeutronElasticXS::GetQ2max(int, int, int, double)
new 4,992781,1254012,50722 G4ExcitationHandler::BreakItUp(G4Fragment const&)
1,300.00 32,76032,76026026022 G4InuclNuclei::makeDefinition(int, int)
[82] 744.86 25,20013,0567530477 G4IonTable::CreateIon(int, int, double, G4Ions::G4FloatLevelBase)
833.33 12,60012,600225225718 G4Ions::G4Ions(G4String const&, double, double, double, int, int, int, int, int, int, G4String const&, int, int, int, bool, double, G4DecayTable*, bool, G4String const&, int, double, int)
new 4564564411 G4IonTable::GetIonName(int, int, double, G4Ions::G4FloatLevelBase) const
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