Geant4 (10.7.r04), MT vs Tasking Performance - Single Electrons/Pions

cmsExp(MT/RMFactory): PhysicsList = FTFP_BERT, Magnetic Field = 3.8T

NOTE: in this test 2 applications have used. One was "traditional" (i.e. long-used) cmsExpMT application that explicitly instanciates G4MTRunManager. The other was a similar application but used G4RunManagerFactory (here also refferred to as RMFactory, or RMF), and the specific run manager type was defined at run time via G4RUN_MANAGER_TYPE (MT, Tasking, or Serial where needed).

Processor: IntelXeonCPUE52650v2@2.60GHzS, 16 cores

OSS: Linux kernel 3.10.0-1160.6.1.el7.x86_64 GCC 8.3.0

Weak Scaling (a fixed number of events per thread)

The number of events per thread = 1024
The total number of events processed = 1024*(number of threads)

Electron Beam Energy = 5 GeV

Electron Beam Energy = 50 GeV

Pion Beam Energy = 5 GeV

Pion Beam Energy = 50 GeV